Smart Factory is technological start-up, 100% Italian, funded by the passion and talent of a team of engineers with a strong expertize in industrial production and software development. We are young, competent and passionate about innovation.

We have a solid mix of competences in mechanics as well as in electronics and informatics: our core competence is mechatronics.

The transformation of the manufacturing sector in the next 5 years is revolutionary, but implies a coordinated evolution of processes, competences and technologies.

Our mission is to make Industry 4.0 a reality, bringing manufacturers closer to the advantages of a Smart Factory, leveraging technology as enabling factor for an interconnected, intelligent, and better performing factory thanks to a better human-machine collaboration.


We invest 20% of our time & resources scouting for new technologies


Our automation solutions are the ultimate technological innovation for assembling.Flexim open automation platform is extremely innovative and unique on the market, and comes with significant advantages:
- Modular system, controlled by a proprietary software that allows for automatic recognition of workstations and plug&play installation
- Easy and fast to reprogram, with no extra costs to re-adapt for production of different components
- Efficient and silent, thanks to the inhibition of pneumatic actuators
Interconnected via cloud and big data enabled
Our assembly systems are compliant with Industry 4.0 prerequisites, and are suitable to obtain certification necessary to obtain fiscal reductions and/or government funding.


Consultancy on process innovation

Investing in innovative technologies is not enough to innovate: it is necessary to evaluate how innovation can create value in companies that have always done great without it. Smart Factory can run accurate analyses of production processes, to support customers in planning the adoption of new digital technologies that bring tangible improvements. The support of Smart Factory is extremely helpful to facilitate technology scouting and stimulates companies to think outside of the box.


The biggest challenge around big data is to understand the infinite data flow, capture relevant information and leverage them to create value

Big data are very powerful, but, how to use them? They enable predictive maintenance, serial quality control, production efficiency optimization. To do so, it is necessary to translate billions of data strings into simple management KPIs, indicating to management how to intervene. We support our customers by offering a customized big data analysis service, transforming data flows into simple management dashboards.


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