Smart factory has developed several process workstations that are designed to be 100% flexible and interchangeable between one another.
To make it possible, all stations share the same connection interface to the Flexim machine base:
- Mechanical interface
- Utilities interface: power, signal, air, vacuum
The modular design significantly facilitates the installation process of workstations, that all require the same installation procedures.


Flexim Open Automation System can be equipped with 5 different part manipulation workstations:
Automatic part loading station: : high-speed manipulator (90pcs/min) with vision system controlled angular orientation and quality control
Manual loading station with dedicated switchboard
Re-orientation station: : high-speed rotating manipulator (90pcs/min) to change on the line the orientation of parts by 0-360 degrees (90 pcs/min)
Automatic unloading station: high-speed manipulator (90pcs/min)
Automatic palletization station with high speed robot

Quality control

Smart Factory offers a range of sophisticated vision systems that respond to the different needs related to quality control. Smart Factory control stations are capable of managing dimensional control, defect detection, chromatic variance and surface finishing defects. These inspection stations can be integrated in any manipulation station.
Smart Factory developed two stations for handling part presence detection:
   • Servo-touch probe with encoder reading
   • Touch probe with digital indicator for high precision applications

Pressing & Gluing

Flexim Open Automation System can be equipped with:
• Press station up to 1500N
• Hot-melt glue dispenser
• Bicomponent glue dispenser
• UV curing station

Rolling & Screwing

Flexim Open Automation System can be equipped with:
• Lateral rolling station
• Screwing station with torque control (up to 5Nm)

Cutting & Knurling

Flexim Open Automation System can be equipped with:
• Lateral and head cutting station
• Lateral knurling station

Smart Factory has integrated an innovative technology to form metals (aluminum, brass, copper, …) using electro-magnetic pulses.
This technology enables:
• Contactless, hence flexible, shaping of metals
• Welding of different metals (i.e. aluminum with brass)
• Contactless crimping that passes helium leakage test

More. . .

Ultrasound welding

Smart Factory has developed an ultrasound welding station that can be installed on Flexim systems.

Printing and marking

Flexim Open Automation System can be equipped with several types of printing and marking stations:
• Laser marking station
• Inkjet marking station
• Inkjet printing station
• UV curing station

Digital silk-screen printing

Smart Factory has developed an innovative digital and contactless silk-screen printing station compatible with plastics and metal surfaces.

Custom stations

Smart Factory can develop ad hoc stations to respond to specific customer requirements.
Moreover, Smart Factory can integrate with ease third party systems within Flexim automation platform thanks to dedicated interfaces and minimal setup.


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