Are you ready for the future?

It is foreseen that there will be a radical shift in industrial processes in the next 5 years. We support companies in the transition towards a Smart Factory, in line with specific company needs.

Our long-term implementation plan projects are funded on a tight hand-on-hand collaboration with our clients to ensure processes optimization. We have a solid know-how on breakthrough technologies and processes, but we believe it is critical to understand from our customers what are the real company needs and understand whether technology adoption can truly be beneficial. We have a proven methodology to understand company needs, define objectives, and plan factory renovation in line with targets and financial resources. In our analysis, we evaluate the impacts that Industry 4.0 technology have on production, but we also evaluate the financial and economic impacts to define an action plan that improves company profitability.

Quick process assessment

Adopting a pragmatic and effective methodology that leverages statistics, management and factory workers’ interviews, brainstorming sessions, we analyse the company production processes, identify the improvement areas, and prioritize necessary interventions to remain competitive and optimize processes.

Roadmap to smart factory

The transition towards a Smart Factory aims not only at adopting new technologies but also at rethinking processes from a new perspective, to improve them and increase their efficiency and precision through technology adoption. Thanks to a co-creative approach, we help our customer to rethink their production processes in the paradigms of Industry 4.0: interconnected, data-rich, reprogrammable, with less mechanics and more electronics. We define an implementation roadmap prioritizing interventions based on company needs and in line with a competence upgrade program. We quantify the economic impacts of the technological upgrades, evaluating the costs as well as the commercial upsides, ROCE, asset utilization rate, and profitability.

Industry 4.0 implementation support and certification

We support our customers to ensure an effective implementation of technologies Industry 4.0. We facilitate the interconnection of production lines and processes harmonization, intervening on old generation machines to enable interconnectivity with a simple add-on feature. We train company resources and provide them with the necessary competences to manage innovative automation solution and elaborate big data analysis. Moreover, our engineering team can certify automation systems for Industry 4.0 incentives eligibility.


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