Flexim automation solutions – The advantages of applying digital technologies to mechanics

Flexim is not only an assembly machine, but several machines in one.
Modular design, entirely reprogrammable and conceived to evolve over time in line with business needs.
Flexim is an open automation system, composed of a common machine base capable of hosting up to 12 workstations, and a set of modular workstations that can be seamlessly installed in a plug & play mode.
Flexible and reprogrammable, but fast, interconnected and extremely precise, Flexim allows flexibility in the production processes, enabling more efficient production planning, opening to new business opportunities and improving financial indicators.

Flexim Production Advantages

Flexible, reprogrammable, but fast

Flexim is an automation system designed leveraging advanced programming technologies. The proprietary software allows to manage the entire production process through an integrated HMI. Together with the usage of mechanic arms at 2,3, and 4 axes, image recognition software, and the use of innovative transport system technologies, Flexim is 100% reprogrammable.

Open source

Flexim can integrate any type of workstations developed by third parties with no limitations. Through a very simple interface, we can install any custom station to Flexim machine base, granting maximum flexibility to our customers.

Interconnected & cloud

The proprietary software we developed allows to connect Flexim to the company ERP and to MoM platforms. Moreover, Flexim is cloud connected to enable real time monitoring of performances and to allow for continuous data flow.

Big Data Enabled

Flexim allows to trace for every piece produced every step of the production process. This feature allows for unprecedented advantages amongst which predictive maintenance, energy consumption optimization and single-piece quality control. Smart Factory offers a service of data management and analysis to all its customers to translate these precious, complex information in simple company KPIs and practical instructions.


Flexim allows to optimize production processes, drastically reducing lead-times, dead-time cycles thanks to efficient management of extraordinary activities, drastically reducing energy consumptions and noise pollution.

Predictive maintenance & augmented reality operator assistance

Being constantly connected via cloud and generating statistics for every element produced, Flexim automatically generates inputs when maintenance is needed, to plan intervention preventively, before experiencing a machine block. To speed up intervention and ensure effective support, Flexim comes with Microsoft Hololens augmented reality visors, that are programmed to support operators during machine interventions and allow Smart Factory to provide real-time remote support.

Flexim Business Advantages

Improved ROI, payback ratio e overall equipment efficiency

Machine flexibility is a critical factory to improve factory productivity indicators. Reprogramming the machine for different usages and leveraging the same automation platform to process different items allows to amortize the machine investment on greater volumes.

New Business opportunities

Leveraging the same automation platform to process different items and managing with ease customization requests opens to interesting new business opportunities amongst which the opportunity to serve profitable market niches and to respond to the increasing request for customization.

Improved service level

Wise usage of big data information allows an important evolution in terms of quality control. Flexim allows to evolve from statistical control to single-piece precision control, drastically reducing the risks of sending out defective products, and having the possibility to detect the production process of every piece.

Flexim Finance Advantages

Optimization of financial indicators

The flexibility in adopting one automation solution to assembly different products at the same time and across the machine life ensures ROCE improvements, increased asset utilization rates and a reduction of occupied floor space. All these factors combined contribute to the improvement of company profitability.

Fiscal incentives towards Industry 4.0

Across Europe governments are implementing measures to fuel innovation within factories and to stimulate machine park renewals. Flexim automation solutions respond to Industry 4.0 prerequisites and allow customers to leverage in full the financial advantages in place. Smart Factory is willing to support customers completing the administrative requirements to obtain funding and certifications.


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